The Sketh


Fine art wall hanging metal sculpture for sale. Sand cast bronze filigree with an antiqued blue green patina. Abstract concept art with a unique story. The symbol of The Sketh inside a geometric hex shape. This Sigil is from the introductory chapters of the Helstrom Universe. Visit to learn more and interact in the gaming metaverse.


The Sketh
Karina Harper 2022
cast bronze filigree with patina
20″ x 18″ x 1″  17lbs
Exhibition: The Sigils of Helstrom, New Orleans: May ’22

Fine Art for Sale: $2,500

Abstract concept art with a unique story.

Wall hanging or pedestal display.


You take a long cold stare this “friend” of Sahiron’s. Cliqai. You can see the glint of metal behind the spidersilk hood. Bionic of course. Not to be trusted. You feel your breath inhale and you fight your natural impulse to growl. Instead you clench your jaw as your mood darkens. Across the distance, you see the Sketh abrubtly cut off their conversation. Their posture straightens and you see their nose test the air. The shadowy hood swings slowly around and the bones in your chest become ice. You stand for a moment, not daring to breathe. The bionic glint of their left iris flashes in the sun. The hair on the back of your neck leaps to attention. A low rumble flows deep from your throat, unbidden.

what do you do?

The Sketh are an ancient and mysterious order of scholars, alchemists, and magicians. They are widely known and revered, but often untrusted. Too much powerful knowledge. Machines. Weapons. Demons. The Dark Songs. They take Mastery in that which should not be known. Their honor is very high, but why? They are isolated and apart, or live in the shadows. Many believe they have an insidious history with the Free Market. The Children of Rymn are graced every invitation, grand and humble. The Sketh, none. And, although they are never welcome, if they arrive at table everyone jump to give them the best seat. Even a Master will give up their chair. Educated Aum students will forever be whispering about them in quiet corners. No one knows how to become Sketh. They elect new family by invitation only, and once invited, the initiate disappears, only to rejoin the Dance of Āsā a changed being.


Karina “Kitten” Harper is a mixed media fine artist that specializes in casting bronze filigree. Through object symbology she references forms, shapes and words that are already familiar and reinvents them to ask new questions about what they mean in modern day society.

This artwork is a part of the creative storytelling collection titled The Sigils of Helstrom. These symbols represent the different factions of the Helstrom Universe played through the WEIRDrpg: an immersive gaming metaverse based on the folk traditions and legendary creatures and characters of cultures around the world. Since 2013 Ms. Harper has been collaborating with other artists, scholars, and scientists to bring the the future of meta gaming to life, and tell an allegory of our world’s diverse ethnic cultures. What unites us in common purpose, and what separates us as unique?

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This artwork ships worldwide from New Orleans, USA

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 51 × 45 × 2 cm