Sanctuary of the White Lotus


Fine art wall hanging metal sculpture for sale. Sand cast bronze filigree with an antiqued blue green patina. Abstract concept art with a unique story. The symbol of The Sanctuary of the White Lotus inside a geometric hex shape. This Sigil is from the introductory chapters of the Helstrom Universe. Visit to learn more and interact in the gaming metaverse.


Sanctuary of the White Lotus
Karina Harper 2022
cast bronze filigree with patina
20″ x 18″
Exhibition: The Sigils of Helstrom, New Orleans: May ’22

Fine Art for Sale: $2,500

Abstract concept art with a unique story

Wall hanging or pedestal display


[PG.1]   “Sanctuary” Story Arc

Your eyes flutter open. . Darkness slowly gives way to a dim soft light. The world feels distant and dreamy. The surreal slowly begins to focus on the only sense you can feel: sight. Now that you see, you understand: this is a color, a soft, hazy blue. Like the sky. It invites you to soar to the heavens in a vision of peace and ecstasy. You follow the color through the vastness of space and time to the edge of infinity. And, then, you realize that infinity is encircled by every horizon on every planet. You were lost, but you found yourself again. Unbidden, these words gently caress the edge of your mind: haint blue. These words are important. You blink. A subtle, sweetness scents the air. You have the vague suspicion that you have been asleep for a very long time, yet you feel as if you laid down in this very spot just moments ago. If only you could remember. .

what do you do?

On the edge of the Sự Thử Plateau, perched upon the Cliffs Điên, a great fall of water cascades along the high pale walls of the Sanctuary of the White Lotus. Below, the shallow, muddy waters of Lake Vô Vọng are frosted over with the dazzling petals of the white lotus blossom, and the dire cranes catch the glittering fishes with patience and precision.

The immaculate sheer walls fortify a great library full of knowledge, ideas, and the sacred texts of every Aum culture, yet the clergy seek only emptiness. These austere, elegant figures wander through the halls continuously removing all signs of life from the impressive white-washed architecture. Though the Sanctuary is large enough to host the multitudes, very few venture inside, preferring the livelier colors of the chaotic camps below.


Karina “Kitten” Harper is a mixed media fine artist that specializes in casting bronze filigree. Through object symbology she references forms, shapes and words that are already familiar and reinvents them to ask new questions about what they mean in modern day society.

This artwork is a part of the creative storytelling collection titled The Sigils of Helstrom. These symbols represent the different factions of the Helstrom Universe played through the WEIRDrpg: an immersive gaming metaverse based on the folk traditions and legendary creatures and characters of cultures all around the world. Since 2013 Ms. Harper has been collaborating with other artists, scholars, and scientists to bring the the future of meta gaming to life, and tell an allegory of our world’s diverse ethnic cultures. What unites us in common purpose, and what separates us as unique?

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Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 51 × 46 × 2.5 cm