Fine art metal sculpture by Karina K. Harper. Cast bronze filigree of an ostrich plume made famous by Queen Marie Antoinette’s wig coiffures. This exquisite piece of art is in the French Revolution collection.


Karina Harper 2017
stainless steel and bronze cast filigree
9.5″ x 15″ x 1″ 7lbs
Exhibition: Let them eat cake! New Orleans 2017

Fine art sculpture for sale: $900


Wall hanging metal sculpture in cast bronze. Traditional lost wax investment casting technique. Gracefully articulated filigree line work references an abstract line silhouette symbol. This work of fine art tells an interesting story of the Georgian era and the French Revolution as a satire for the class divide between the privileged rich and unfortunate poor of the modern day. The ostrich feather plume industry which eradicated the wild ostrich populations of Africa and those indigenous people that based their local livelihood off of them. This disruption of local life reminds us of today’s gentrification and housing crisis in New Orleans. Every year more people are being pushed out of their homes by “local hosts” who renovate them as like AirBnB, which are mostly business entrepreneurs from out of the area. Created by New Orleans artist Karina Harper for the French Revolution collection.


Karina “Kitten” Harper is a mixed media fine artist that specializes in casting bronze filigree. Through abstract object symbology she references forms, shapes and words that are already familiar and reinvents them to ask new questions about what they mean in modern day society.


This artwork ships worldwide from New Orleans, LA