Fine art wall hanging metal sculpture for sale. Sand cast bronze filigree with an antiqued blue green patina. Abstract concept art with a unique story. The symbol of life and amulet of protection inside a geometric hex shape. The Sigil of the Ankhlor from the Helstrom Universe. Visit to learn more and interact in the gaming metaverse.


Karina Harper 2022
cast bronze filigree with patina
15″ x 14″ x 1″ 10lbs
Exhibition: The Sigils of Helstrom, New Orleans: May ’22

Fine Art for Sale: $1,500

Abstract concept art with a unique story.

Wall hanging or pedestal display.

[PG.N8]  Story Arc: “The Savior”

You blink your inner, then outer lids, slowly, almost meditatively, to remove the cryocrust still at the corners of your eyes. The Singer is in trouble and if they don’t wake soon, the entire Sanctuary is in trouble. Trouble is relative of course. There is no danger for you. This Singer is probably a weak-boned Cliqai with too much bright energy that drank too deeply from the KhatSugar cup before the freeze began. You imagine stiff fur crusted in vomit and shaking with seizures. Your tongue flicks forward to yeet the thought. You ponder your options for a moment. You could just sink beneath the waves, go Ronin, leave this place and never come back. Of course you could always come back as an agent of the Free Market. Your tongue yeets the thought again. Charlatans and Fools. And what of the legend of the hidden stronghold deep in the catacombs of the ocean? Maybe you would find new honor there? But, you would have to give up your honor here.

what do you do?

One of the first Children to receive the honor from the planet Earth, O’Wylie Whiteflanks was tasked with naming the new home of the Earth’Primus’Aum in the English language. Many Sketh scholars have speculated that he was inebriated at the time, and what should have been recorded “Hell’s Storm” was written as Helstrom instead. Regardless, the planet fits the description of an evil storm by Primus scholars. As the planet’s star Loptr circles around it’s brother Þorr, the planet goes through the Ice Epoch when most land freezes over. This is followed by the Fire Epoch, an era of extreme heat and radiation. The entire cycle lasts 222 Helstrom years, or about 100 Earth years.

During the periods of Ice Epoch, all Aum that chose CryoSleep are guarded by the Ankhlor. As the long, cold days pass, there is always a fear that Sanctuary will be attacked by the great Ice Würm. If it does, the Ankhlor Singer must awaken to banish it. If the Singer fails, or does not awaken, it is the responsibility of the Ankhlor Guardians to protect all the lives taking refuge in the Sanctuary.

Karina “Kitten” Harper is a mixed media fine artist that specializes in casting bronze filigree. Through object symbology she references forms, shapes and words that are already familiar and reinvents them to ask new questions about what they mean in modern day society.

This artwork is a part of the creative storytelling collection titled The Sigils of Helstrom. These symbols represent the different factions of the Helstrom Universe played through the WEIRDrpg: an immersive gaming metaverse based on the folk traditions and legendary creatures and characters of cultures around the world. Since 2013 Ms. Harper has been collaborating with other artists, scholars, and scientists to bring the the future of meta gaming to life, and tell an allegory of our world’s diverse ethnic cultures. What unites us in common purpose, and what separates us as unique?

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Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 38 × 2 cm