Krewe de Triste


Fine art wall hanging metal sculpture for sale. Sand cast bronze filigree with an antiqued blue green patina. Abstract concept art with a unique story. The symbol of the Krewe de Triste, a lily weeping tears of blood, inside a geometric hex shape. This Sigil is from the introductory chapters of the Helstrom Universe. Visit to learn more and interact in the gaming metaverse.


Krewe de Triste
Karina Harper 2022
cast bronze filigree with patina
8″ x 8″   5lbs
Exhibition: The Sigils of Helstrom, New Orleans: May 2022

Fine Art for Sale: $2,500

Abstract concept art with a unique story

Wall hanging or pedestal display

[PG.N7]   “The Savior” Story Arc

You take a moment and ponder this information from the Order of the Dawn. The Sigil Krewe de Triste is second rank only, hardly worth your efforts. Yet, there is a Singer among them. This particular Singer must be very special to have been given such a high honor as Keeper of the Sanctuary during this Ice Epoch. You wonder what other Sigils they might be holding. You consider the words of the Krewe: “Tears sown in sadness blossom into joy.” You uncurl the fang slightly. You can feel your venoms flowing in response, but you quickly repress it. Tears are for the weak, and so is joy. Still, it might be amusing to see this Singer battle the great Ice Würm. As if in response, a low boom resonates through the water from a vast distance. They have reached the outer ice. If you don’t get to the Singer soon it will be too late.

what do you do?


The Singers are an elite cadre of powerful Magicians. Able to use the power of their voice to manipulate energy, they sing the LifeSongs which are necessary to keep The Great Migration moving and the life that it inhabits safe and full of prosperous opportunity.

To be a Singer of the Ankhlor is the highest honor, next to the Children of Rymn. They may go anywhere they wish within The Great Migration and are given a seat of high honor at every table. Their sacrifice is met with gratitude and reverance, for at the end of the Fading Days they will go into CryoSleep at each of the Sanctuaries along The Path, to protect those who choose to stay behind, or who can no longer Dance with their tribe to the Forests of Āsā, the Āsāvana.


Karina “Kitten” Harper is a mixed media fine artist that specializes in casting bronze filigree. Through object symbology she references forms, shapes and words that are already familiar and reinvents them to ask new questions about what they mean in modern day society.

This artwork is a part of the creative storytelling collection titled The Sigils of Helstrom. These symbols represent the different factions of the Helstrom Universe played through the WEIRDrpg: an immersive gaming metaverse based on the folk traditions and legendary creatures and characters of cultures all around the world. Since 2013 Ms. Harper has been collaborating with other artists, scholars, and scientists to bring the the future of meta gaming to life, and tell an allegory of our world’s diverse ethnic cultures. What unites us in common purpose, and what separates us as unique?
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This artwork ships worldwide from New Orleans, USA

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 21 × 20 × 2.5 cm