WEIRDrpg: Artifact: Flame of Hatsadil



WEIRDrpg: Helstrom: A New Verse: Artifact: Flame of Hatsadil

The Flame of Hatsadil illuminates up to 10m. When the Flame of Hatsadil is lit any Sentient Being that the light touches transforms 1 Stress [Spirit] into 1 Energy [Spirit].

The WEIRDrpg is an immersive, interactive gaming experience that exists in Helstrom: A New Verse, created by world renowned artist and storyteller, Karina K. Harper. In this game you will have a chance to decide the fate of humanity after they have to abandon the Earth that they destroyed and seek refuge on a new planet. The initial characters are open for beta-testing in the backstory of the Helstrom Verse, playable through the WEIRDrpg, an alternative reality gaming system.

The setting is the Great Migration, a symbiotic economy on the planet Helstrom. It is a futuristic nomadic society where everyone is constantly on the move to avoid the danger of the planet’s extreme weather patterns. Based on the philosophical research of Karina Harper, this new world explores the best and worst of the human condition through allegory, satire and the exploration of cultures from every continent.

Will humanity find a way to exist in symbiosis with alien life?

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