WEIRDrpg: Artifact: Ring of Fulu



WEIRDrpg: Helstrom: A New Verse: Artifact: Ring of Fulu

The WEIRDrpg is an immersive, interactive, online gaming experience that exists in Helstrom: A New Verse, created by world renowned artist, Karina K. Harper. In this game you will have a chance to decide the fate of the initial characters in the backstory of the Helstrom Verse powered by the WEIRDrpg, a VR gaming system which will be open to the public in 2024.

The setting is the Great Migration, a symbiotic economy on the planet Helstrom. It is a futuristic nomadic society where everyone is constantly on the move to lessen the danger of the planet’s extreme weather patterns.

All sentient beings within a 10m radius of the Ring of Fulu are granted +1 Wisdom, +1 to all Energy Levels, and a -1 to all Stress Levels.