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40cm x 40cm
ink, milk, salt, limestone, cotton, 24k gold leaf, sterling silver leaf, copper leaf, aluminum, wood

One of a kind artwork created exclusively for the multimedia art exhibition, Sanctuary: A New Earth, displayed in Hồ Chí Minh City, Vietnam from September 9 – 16, 2023.

This collection of artwork tells the story of Hope and Despair in a desperate age for humanity.

We are watching the Earth be destroyed before our very eyes: burned and pillaged by industry, raped by “progress”, flooded with exploitation and xenophobia.  In these dark days, what can we do to stop it? How can we care for the Earth and each other to create a future of Hope for generations to come?

This art is inspired by my neverending search to make some sense of the destruction of the Earth all around us and drawing attention to the unwise choices made in our modetn industrial age. Someday, maybe we will need to look to new worlds to sustain human life, but first, we should work together to save our home planet.

This artwork is a precious part of the research I am doing to develop the international creative storytelling project: the WEIRDrpg. This parable for modern life focuses on Wisdom and Empathy and how we can learn to make wise choices to create a better world.

Learn more about the story at www.WEIRDrpg.com

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Dimensions 40 × 3 × 40 cm